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Lawyer in Warsaw

Issues related to the law constantly determine our lives and require us to act accordingly. Any
mistakes cannot be explained by lack of knowledge. That is why it is so important to consult and
get help from a lawyer, even in seemingly trivial cases.

When is it appropriate to contact a lawyer?

Every time:

● our rights have been violated,

● we have committed a crime, misdemeanor or are accused,

● we negotiate the terms of an important contract or a more complex contract,

● we set up an enterprise, partnership or prepare a will,

● we transform the form of the company,

● you have family problems (inheritance, divorce, paternity, custody cases),

● we are applying for a patent, license, utility model reservation, etc.,

● you have legal concerns and need advice

a lawyer will help us. Warsaw is considered to be the center of legal matters (due to, among others, the headquarters of companies, courts, state authorities). However, our lawyer also helps in smaller cases that do not require going to higher authorities.

What does a lawyer do?

It should be remembered that, by definition, a lawyer is a law graduate. However, your matters cannot be handled by people who have only graduated from university. That is why it is so important to use the services of an experienced lawyer with practical and theoretical knowledge. In the capital city of Warsaw, lawyers are in great demand. We provide an individual approach to each case. You have full knowledge of who represents your cases and what activities are performed.


With a great sense of duty, we will represent you in court, before law enforcement authorities or in negotiations and mediations. We will prepare templates of contracts, regulations or applications. Commercial experience is essential in representing business interests. Keep in mind because that not every lawyer has such. Warsaw is the center of Polish entrepreneurship but not all lawyers based in Warsaw cooperated with entrepreneurs at every stage.


An ever-important part of the legal profession is analysis and strategy building. Even the smallest legal issue can be the beginning of problems. Using the services of an experienced lawyer from the beginning allows you to minimize legal risk and provides peace of mind.

Is only a legal specialist needed or maybe a qualified lawyer?

It should be remembered that the lawyer must ensure full discretion in the cases handled. Every lawyer should have a work ethic that includes more than just legal knowledge. Our specialists will listen to your every problem. Our activity is guided by the concept that a lawyer should be an advocate of law and equity, be for the client, not for their own interests.


Even the most knowledgeable legal specialist will not always be able to represent your interests well enough and act in your cases ads advocate. Practical knowledge of, among others, the actual functioning of law enforcement agencies, offices or courts.


A lawyer must know his client as well as possible. That is why we ask a lot of questions during the first free consultation. However, we adjust the level of complexity of the conversation to the client's knowledge of the case. This is the only way to create a sense of mutual understanding and trust.


Humility and respect for the client are also key in the lawyer's ethos. We must honestly inform about the possibilities (even the least favorable ones), but also listen to the client's questions or suggestions.

This means that you need not only a legal specialist with extensive theoretical knowledge, but a lawyer with a high work ethic with experience and an adaptive approach. Honesty combined with respect is equally important.

When can our rights be violated?

Each time we enter into a contract and the other party has performed it improperly, we can seek redress. However, sometimes we are not aware that we have entered into a contract. We conclude it by getting into public transport vehicles or using medical services (also as part of free services).


Our rights may also be violated when improper actions are taken as part of an investigation, by private investigators, searches or searches. Consulting an attorney can highlight where our inalienable rights have been violated.


In recent years, the importance of personal data protection has also increased. If our data has leaked onto the Internet, it is possible that it was not properly protected or not properly maintained in the systems. In such cases, we provide full assistance, including the removal of data.


Importantly, our rights can also be broken by another lawyer. Warsaw, but also other cities, were places of court hearings when a lawyer did not properly represent interests. Such cases are very difficult, but if you believe that, for example, the defense was carried out incorrectly, our law firm is here to help.

A natural person or small and medium-sized enterprises will often find it difficult to apply for their rights against large corporations. Large, multinational companies have many lawyers. However, they are less intimate and tied to a single cause. They usually do one thing. Our law firm, which approaches the case comprehensively, allows us to significantly reduce this disproportion.

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